A Tradition since 1907

November 27, 2020*


Building Bonfire in 2020

Bonfire is a year-round operation. Over the course of the year, leaders are tested and proved, and bonds of fellowship are forged that will last a lifetime. One year’s leaders build the next; next year’s leaders learn, and prove they are ready to carry the Undying Flame forward. Only through executing a Bonfire can we learn, practice, and teach it and instill the full respect for its history that informs safe conduct in any year. With this in mind, safety is among the many reasons that we will once again Build the Hell Outta Bonfire in 2020.

While we will endeavor to continue to build ourselves, the Tradition, and the Spirit, the 2020 Bonfire season will be different in many ways. The following are some of the current policies, procedures, and protocols in place for Bonfire 2020:

  • All participants will regularly self-assess for symptoms of COVID-19 and will be proactive with formal testing measures.
  • All participants will report symptoms of COVID-19 and any formal testing results.
  • Every weekend will be a double Cut, with only half of the Crews assigned to any one day.
  • The season has been scheduled to allow for whole-Crew and even whole-shift quarantine protocols that will not compromise work safety.
  • Crews – organized by common residence – will keep exclusively to assigned work areas. Participants will work exclusively with their assigned Crews.
  • There will be no inter-Crew fraternizing in the Woods or staging areas.
  • All equipment will be sanitized between every use.
  • All participants will bring their own ample water supply. There will be no sharing of water.
  • Participants are free to leave at any time, but will not be permitted to return until their next scheduled shift.

While we hope that by November we may all come together as Aggies around Bonfire at Burn, we must recognize that this will only be possible if it is safe to do so at that time. Stay tuned for news and updates about the season, including Burn.

Stay well. Stay motivated. Thanks and Gig ‘em.

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Bonfire is the undying flame of love that every loyal Aggie carries in their heart for the school.