Logs currently on Stack

As a rough guide, Bonfire requires a fish class set of logs – 2022 this year. Bonfire cuts on land already destined for clearing. Aggieland is in the Post Oak Savannah in the thick of the Great Texas Blackland Prairies, an area once noted for vast open space, rolling fields, and sparse trees.

Today, clearing that land again can be costly, but the benefits to landowners, the natural environment, and the State are great, so demand is high. Bonfire does not charge to clear land. We are paid in trees.

Bonfire has cleared land for ranches, farms, hayfields, recreation areas, and wildlife habitat restoration. In 2016, we also helping clear 17 acres that will soon be the site of 89 Habitat for Humanity homes.

Hours worked since Chief Cut

Bonfire is constructed by hand. Trees are Cut with axes, shouldered out of the Woods to tractor paths, hauled to Load Site by tractor, shouldered again and loaded onto trucks, and transported to Stack Site where they are unloaded and sorted.

When Stack begins, logs will once again be shouldered to Perimeter where Brownpots “butt” the logs – removing the cut wedge at the base – and then trim them to their final length.

Finally, every log is shouldered one last time to the foot of Stack where ground, rope, and swing crews work together to “slam” the logs upright into Stack, where they are wired in at the top and bottom to at least three other logs already on the Stack.