A Tradition since 1907

November 24, 2020


Live Streamed on TexAgs

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The official shirt of the season features the Last Shift photo on Bonfire 2020. This year's motivational:

"Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory."
- George S. Patton

Burn 2020 is Live Stream Only

After meeting with local officials, taking into account the current conditions with respect to COVID, and the implications of Thanksgiving holiday travel, Burn Night will be Tuesday, November 24. Burn will be streamed live for free on TexAgs.

We would like to recognize the considerable generosity of our host county which has permitted attendance sufficient to allow those who participated in building Bonfire 2020 to be there in person on Burn Night. By making Burn a stream-only event, we understand that we will be missing out on revenue that is critical toward building the next Bonfire.

However, in this year of unprecedented challenges we believe that Aggies the world over should have this evening and this Tradition together wherever you may be. We hope that the Undying Flame will motivate all of you through the balance of 2020, and that our efforts since November 2019 will reflect well on Aggies everywhere.

Build the Hell Outta Bonfire!

Bonfire is the undying flame of love that every loyal Aggie carries in their heart for the school.