A Tradition since 1907

State of the Season

Week 2

Howdy Army, 

This past weekend at our second Cut was full of Good Bull, and motivation straight from the trailer. We went ahead and announced to all of you first, before anyone else, that Burn is set for Nov. 23rd of this year. It pays to come out and Build the Hell doesn’t it?

This will be our first Saturday game to end the season since 2007, so this is a schedule we haven’t worked with in a while. Just as with Coach Sherrill in the 80’s, we’re going to give Coach Fisher a redass welcome and send those Aggies on the field, and the 12th Man off it some extra motivation this year by burning on the traditional night before the home game. We hope you bring your family to burn and that they can finally understand why you spent all that time cutting down trees with YOUR OWN DAMN HANDS.

Cut is officially in full swing, right along with y’all’s axes. And especially with numbers like what Schuhmacher has been pulling out there in the Woods, Cut Site should be filled with the sound of falling trees, no matter how hard the sun beats down. The heat was definitely there but y’all pushed through anyway. A little bit of Texas weather isn’t enough to stop Ol’ Army.

It’s easy see that any Ag in these woods is willing to go farther, and work harder then anybody else that chooses to waste away in their bed on a Sunday morning. And it’s MOTIVATING AS HELL. Furthermore, we’re running a bit ahead of schedule as a result of all the hard work. So we’re gonna take some R&R this Saturday to watch the boys BTHO Alabama before we buckle down into these double cuts we’ve got coming up.

Stay hydrated, stay motivated, and keep Buildin’ the Hell Outta Bonfire.

Kyle Hughes ’19

Bonfire is the undying flame of love that every loyal Aggie carries in their heart for the school.