A Tradition since 1907

State of the Season

Centerpole and Windle Sticks

Howdy Army! As we sit, relax, and watch our Fightin’ Aggie Team it’s easy to look back on the past 24 hours with a sense of pride for my fellow Ags and for the traditions at our school. Naturally, as I’m sure it does for everyone else, seeing the frame of our beautiful Bonfire go up and get tamped in is motivating as hell.

However, the true source of my pride – and I hope yours – is the fact that we were scheduled originally with Batten Drilling to raise Centerpole on Wednesday night and then raise one Windle stick each consecutive day after that with our last one being on Sunday. The weather had other plans for us and the rain delayed raising Centerpole until last night. We were prepared to push Stack back at least as many days as we lost.

As a result of the efforts of all you Redass SOB’s not only did we catch up after falling behind but we put ourselves ahead of schedule. The decision to push ahead and set all four Windle Sticks in one day was made purely based on the the motivation levels gauged and felt by the upper leadership today. We expected people to be tired and ready to go home after the 2nd Windle stick, but it was very obvious to us that y’all had plenty left in the tank. Mother Nature has been to trying to lick us all season, but it’s clear that you will stop for nothing to Build The Hell.

BTHOB! And get ready for first shift!

Kyle Hughes ’19

Bonfire is the undying flame of love that every loyal Aggie carries in their heart for the school.