A Tradition since 1907

First Cut

Howdy Ags! First Cut is in the books with nearly 200 logs on the ground. As I walked through the Woods Sunday, I saw many fish in a brand new environment – outstanding recruitment by the way, Ags – some looked leery of the job at hand, while others were just eager to get started. As the day wore on, I saw that tone change to universal motivation. Those same timid fish were now motivated and wildcatting as they killed their first trees and watched their fellow Aggies do the same. Everyone was eager for that next tree, the next wall of brush cleared, the next log to the tractor path. That hard work they were tasked with had brought joy. I remembered the first time I felt that as a fish at Load. Your collective effort at First Cut is going to make Load a hell of a chore. Keep giving those trucks hell, Aggies, week after week.

While we’ve only scratched the surface of our Woods and our time together in them, I can already see the tone has been set by all of you. I laid out our challenge this year, one that falls to each and every motivated Ag throughout the season. We will cover the Windle Sticks. To meet this challenge, we need everyone bringing the Rough Tough Real Stuff all season long, and clear every inch of these Woods. Old Army wedges, Ags. I am motivated that this challenge looks to have resonated in your very motivated hearts.

I believe these wide-eyed fish and their motivated upperclassmen, leadership, every Aggie in these Woods are not only equipped to handle this challenge we’ve set, but to blow it out of the water. Motivate everyone you come in contact with to work their hardest, come out every week, and put out 119% for Bonfire.

Get motivated, Aggies. Build the Hell Outta Aggie Bonfire!

Ashton Vara

Bonfire is the undying flame of love that every loyal Aggie carries in their heart for the school.