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Burn the Hell Outta Bonfire

Bonfire burns Tuesday, November 21 before the Saturday game at LSU. Show up early.

Parking & Admission

To encourage carpooling, admission to Burn will only be charged per vehicle, not per person. Additionally, the earlier you arrive, the less admission costs. Attendees must park in designated parking areas at Burn.

  • No parking on the road side. Parking on any road impedes traffic, and is a serious safety hazard.
  • No parking on any other property, public or private. Parking on other properties may be trespassing, an imposition to our neighbors, and a safety hazard.
  • No pedestrian admission/readmission. Walking along roads is dangerous, especially at night. Roadside pedestrians also slow vehicle traffic. Finally, this ensures that no vehicles are left on any road side, or on any other property.

Law enforcement will be on hand and will write tickets for violations. Additionally, violators may be towed.

Wear the Tradition

Burn Day Schedule

12 pm
Gates open, free admission
4 pm
$10 admission per vehicle
6 pm
$20 admission per vehicle
8:30 pm
Dark Thirty, Burn Night Speaker
8:50 pm
Bonfire Burns

Fee Schedule

Admission is per vehicle. Bring as many motivated Aggies as you can pack legally and safely. And come out early.

  • 12 pm – 4pm Free
  • 4 pm – 6pm $10 per car
  • 6 pm – 11pm $20 per car


All of the following rules apply to every individual and vehicle on Site. “Site” includes but is not limited to the spectating, parking, and VIP areas. Law enforcement will be on hand for Burn.

  • At any time, anyone can be removed from Burn at the Organizers’ discretion.
  • No alcohol, firearms, or illegal substances are allowed anywhere on Site.
  • Attendees must park in the designated parking areas at Site. There is no parking along any road, or at any other location, public or private.
  • No pedestrian admission/readmission.
  • Obey all signage, perimeters, and barriers.
  • No horseplay.
  • If any person’s action(s) are deemed unsafe by the Organizers, he/she will be removed from Burn immediately, even if no specific rule has been broken.
  • If there is any question as to any rule, or in the case of a situation has not been addressed by these guidelines, Organizers will have final determination and ruling.



November 21, 2017
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