With its beginnings in 1909… 1907… or possibly even the late 1800s, Bonfire is a tradition that has outlived its oldest memories.  What is certain, and annually proved, is that Bonfire lives on and continues to inspire.  Every year, the story of Bonfire is retold in stunning detail and deepest sincerity through the great works of its Bonfire-motivated Aggies.  It is a living history, a common thread spanning generations, each with rich perspectives.

Getting Squared Away

Bonfire is a monumental undertaking, requiring the sharpest focus of even its most seasoned veterans.  The primary imperative of those who build Bonfire is to meet this great challenge fully, completely, and safely.  Speaking only of the building, demands, conditions, and variables are ever-changing and of great consequence.

But as carrying on the tradition is the Bonfire-motivated Aggies’ duty, so is sharing the story. We are happy to help all those interested in covering Bonfire, whatever your medium.  Please provide ample notice so that arrangements may be made to provide you with everything that you need to lend your coverage the quality it deserves, and to ensure your and the participants’ safety during your experience.