A Tradition since 1907


Anyone can participate in Bonfire. Participants are organized into Crews based on their residence (outfit, dorm, or the all-encompassing “off-campus”). Leadership for your Crew will make themselves known and available from the very beginning of the year.

If your residence does not have a Crew, or if you are not a student, we will find a Crew for you when you come out.


Cut Card

This is your identification at all Bonfire activities. You will complete your Cut Card at your first check-in. Greenpots will return your laminated Cut Card at your next check-in.

There is a $5 “Cut Card” registration fee.

Membership Forms

Forms include important medical and contact information. Forms are available from Greenpots at Cut Class and at check-in for all Bonfire activities.


A Pot

This is the helmet everyone wears. Pots can be bought at Sarge’s on Northgate, Holick’s, and most Military Depots. Pots MUST have liners. You will not be allowed in the Woods or at Stack Site without a Pot. A Pot is not required for Burn Night.

A limited number of extra Pots will be available for visitors.


Steel toe boots are required.


These are your Bonfire clothes. You’ll want to wear clothes that you don’t plan on using again outside of Bonfire. Pants must be a heavy material such as denim and cover the full length of the leg, such as overalls and jeans. Pants should have no holes larger than a quarter.

Bonfire is the undying flame of love that every loyal Aggie carries in their heart for the school.