Bonfire’s participants are organized under Crews, usually defined by residence or outfit. Each Non-Reg Crew is led by a Yellow Pot and Crew Chiefs. Corps outfits are led by a Butt Pot and Piss Pots. These leaders will make themselves and the Bonfire experience readily available to all interested participants.

Each Crew has its own distinctive personality, character, and history. Some Crews are specialists, responsible for only one job at Bonfire. Over the course of the Bonfire season, Crews become families. Fellow Crew members become lifelong friends, brothers and sisters.

Below are most of Bonfire’s Crews. If you do not see your Crew in this list, mail Bonfire at to inquire about whether or not your residence has a Bonfire Crew. If your dorm or outfit does not have a Crew, you’ll be able to fall in with one.

See you in the Woods, Ags!


In 2014, the Corps banded together to form one super Crew. In so doing, they collectively earned Centerpole.


In 2003, everyone who knew how to wire Stack learned from a lone B-1 Bonfire veteran with Bonfire in his blood (his father was Head Yell Leader/Head Stack). And his outfit carries on.



Members of the Aggie Band participate in every phase of Bonfire. But what they are most known for is building the Outhouse.

















Squadron 4

Squadron 8

Squadron 16

Squadron 17

Back in Old Army, the Corps used to load each log onto the trucks by themselves. With the boys of Squadron 17, the Corps presence at Load Site returns.


FHK Complex

Compound! Complex! The co-ed Fowler-Hughes-Keathley complex was one of the first Crews to assist in The Unity Project, before Student Bonfire was born.

Hart Hall

Central Side, Close Knit. The lone dorm in the center of Texas A&M’s sprawling campus, Hart is caught the crossfire of the heated Northside/Southside rivalry. Hart is… well… Hart.

Hullabaloo Hall

Hullabaloo is the newest non-reg Crew to build Bonfire. The Crew consists of Aggies with a burning desire to continue the legacy of the halls that once stood where Hullabaloo Hall stands now.

Krueger Hall

One of Bonfire’s largest Crews, Krueger Hall is the juggernaut that represents Southside on its own in the rivalry with Northside.

Lechner & McFadden Halls

As the campus’ Honors communities, “Lech-Fadden” are the Nerd Crew. Crew Chiefs are not only responsible for leading one of Bonfire’s most consistent Crews, they must also maintain strict grade requirements set by the Crew’s previous leaders.

Legett Hall

Once the home of Reveille, the First Lady of Aggieland, Legett is now home to the Bonfire-building Legett Ladies.

Neeley Hall

Once an all-female Crew, the Neeley Knockouts are now made up of a diverse bunch of guys and girls. But don’t worry, Army. They kept their Grode Yell.


Rebels till the end, the Off Campus Hogs pull the ranks of those not living with the Corps or on campus.


Schuhmacher Hall

For the first few years off-campus, the Schuhmacher Crew consisted of one motivated individual. Now, Schumacher Hall is home to many Aggies who continue the crew’s rich history.

Walton Hall

Before they can be slammed into Stack, logs at Cut must be loaded by hand on trucks. to be carried to Stack Site. For every log on Bonfire, Walton Loads!