A Tradition since 1907


Bonfire is an active work site at every stage of the process. As such, safety is the highest priority while providing participants the opportunity for a full and complete Bonfire experience. Discipline and respect make this experience possible and safe.

Respect each other

This is intense work in close quarters. Rivalries exist, and they can be highly motivational. Participants will remember that by November, we will all be standing together as a family, the rarest of the rare: the Bonfire-building Fightin’ Texas Aggie. Participants will work with respect for each other, motivate each other, and pull each other through as a family. Or go home.

Respect the land

We are guests where we Cut and Stack. Landowners provide outstanding venues for us to Build to the Hell. At Cut, we provide quality land clearing services with respect for the rules and expectations of the landowners. At Cut and Stack, the landowners’ guidelines will be communicated and enforced by leadership.

Respect leadership

There is a chain of command. Your leadership respects their roles, and participants will do the same. Bonfire’s leadership will determine what is done and how, who gets to do it, who does not, and if necessary, who gets to go home.

Respect the Tradition

Bonfire represents uncommon values and history on a privileged stage. This responsibility will be respected.


Alcohol is prohibited at Cut, Stack, Burn or any other Bonfire event. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any participant found with alcohol or to be in any state of intoxication will be permanently banned from participating in or attending any future Bonfire activities.

Bonfire is the undying flame of love that every loyal Aggie carries in their heart for the school.