A Tradition since 1907

BTHOB 2022!

November 25, 2022

Support Bonfire

Your support for Bonfire makes it possible to build Bonfire every year. When Bonfire had to be burned under attendance restrictions in 2020, it was donors and Friends of the Fire who made Bonfire 2021 possible. Your continued support is critical through our move to a new Burn Site for 2022. Thank you to everyone who supports Bonfire.

Bonfire Burns on November 25!

The Friday night before the LSU game, Bonfire will burn again.

Admission to Bonfire is charged per vehicle, with discounts for arriving early. Vendors will be on site with food and drinks.

Burn Night Details

Old Hearne Rd.
Bryan, TX 77807
12 pm
Gates open
4 pm
Admission to $10 PER VEHICLE
6 pm
Admission to $20 PER VEHICLE
8:30 pm
Dark Thirty, Special Announcement
8:40 pm
Torches Lit, Laps
8:50 pm
Bonfire Burns


All of the following rules apply to every individual and vehicle on Site. “Site” includes but is not limited to the spectating, parking, and VIP areas. Law enforcement will be on hand for Burn.

  • At any time, anyone can be removed from Burn at the Organizers’ discretion.
  • No alcohol, firearms, or illegal substances are allowed anywhere on Site.
  • Attendees must park in the designated parking areas at Site. There is no parking along any road, or at any other location, public or private.
  • No pedestrian admission/readmission.
  • Obey all signage, perimeters, and barriers.
  • No horseplay.
  • If any person’s action(s) are deemed unsafe by the Organizers, he/she will be removed from Burn immediately, even if no specific rule has been broken.
  • If there is any question as to any rule, or in the case of a situation has not been addressed by these guidelines, Organizers will have final determination and ruling.
Bonfire is the undying flame of love that every loyal Aggie carries in their heart for the school.